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March Q&A Guest Blogspot: You asked, Gailie answered: How much did the destruction at Longbourn cost the Bennets in Fearful Symmetry? Click HERE to visit this Q&A Blog over at Quills and Quartos Publishing to get a peek at Gailie’s historical research on the cost of rebuilding!

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March Blog Tour: For a recap of the Fearful Symmetry tour to six Austen fan blogs, including interviews with Gailie and and reviews, click here!

March 8, 20201NOVEL RELEASED! Find it on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible!

Book Description

Darcy had never known such a woman, one who could rush into an inferno and emerge as bold and brilliant as burnished brass, bright as any mirror.

Fitzwilliam Darcy had planned to leave Netherfield Park and all thoughts of the enchanting Miss Elizabeth Bennet behind him—until one night when he saw smoke rising from Longbourn and realized she was imperiled.

Elizabeth Bennet found Mr. Darcy arrogant and insufferable right up until he became her hero, pulling her and her sister from the fire that devastated their home and could have claimed both of their lives. Seeing how he put his own life at risk to pull her from the fire, how could she help but change her opinion of him?

Thrown together again in the refuge offered at Netherfield, Darcy and Elizabeth’s unexpected bond gains strength. But disapproval, debts, and doubts all arise when the costs in time and expense involved in rebuilding Longbourn threaten to widen the gulf in standing between Elizabeth and Darcy in the eyes of society. Amidst these perplexities of destruction and decorum, can love’s courage overcome calamity?