Meet Gailie Ruth

Gailie Ruth Caress, author of Fearful Symmetry, never dreamed of writing a debut novel in her own pleasure-reading genre when she was a no-nonsense, 4.0-chasing English major who won prizes for her academic essays at Hanover College in her home state of Indiana. Forced to readily adapt after a pivotal loss in early adulthood, she became a dabbler in many forms of expression and relationship-building—from opera and ballroom dance to nonprofit education and mentoring. And yet, she committed mid-Pandemic to the challenge of completing the manuscript of the story that kept her up at night, driven by a need to borrow from the courageous vulnerability of her favorite Jane Austen couple in a landscape transformed by disaster.

Her everyday life continues to hold unexpected adventures. Her two small boys and a duo of sassy tabby cats run wild on the Illinois prairie around a parsonage, where they keep her busy alongside rural community and ministry work with her pastor-husband, whose delightful manner of caring introversion resembles a certain well-known Master of Pemberley.

Personalities like these from her home life, as well as timely observations, extensive readings, and bits of history will all make their way onto this blog. Her debut novel, Fearful Symmetry, will be published through Quills & Quartos Publishing in March of 2021. Thank you for visiting her pages, gentle reader!