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Variations on Austen’s Domain: Is Fanfiction “Real” Literature?

As a writer and reader of many categories of literature—including fanfiction—I’ll admit I’m biased on how to answer this question: is fanfiction really literature, or is it just play-acting off of the “real thing”? Based off the historical practice for variation storytelling which set several precedents for fanfiction being accepted within the accepted canon of… Continue reading Variations on Austen’s Domain: Is Fanfiction “Real” Literature?

Cover reveal for Fearful Symmetry

It’s here! The cover for Fearful Symmetry has been released! Many thanks to Meredith over at Austenesque Reviews. This is such an honor. Also, I unabashedly claim that this is the most visually appealing cover I could ever imagine for this book. Susan Adriani, the designer (and herself an author!) did a wonderful job creating… Continue reading Cover reveal for Fearful Symmetry

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It seemed abhorrently wrong for Elizabeth to begin the week giving thanks to Mr Darcy for preserving her from certain death in smoke and ash—and then, a mere four days later, to stand breathing in clean air, safe again in the cradle of the world, and thinking ill of him.”

– Fearful Symmetry: A Pride & Prejudice Variation