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In Transition: Moving Across State Lines, Plus Dabbling in Short Story Work

Did Gailie disappear after six months of savoring her first published novel’s debut? Well, kinda. In November, I moved back home with the whole family, to the state of our roots: Indiana. There were lots of reasons, but one being that in comparison to 200 miles, being only “50 miles of good road” away from…

Where Has Gailie Been? On a Blog Tour (Recap Post)!

What a whirlwind March and April have been with the release of Fearful Symmetry! And yet, as a mom of young kiddos, May somehow completely floored me. Again. Like it does every year. End-of-school-year activities, summer scramble, Mother’s Day, graduation events–it all hits at once. I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long! For…

Variations on Austen’s Domain: Is Fanfiction “Real” Literature?

As a writer and reader of many categories of literature—including fanfiction—I’ll admit I’m biased on how to answer this question: is fanfiction really literature, or is it just play-acting off of the “real thing”? Based off the historical practice for variation storytelling which set several precedents for fanfiction being accepted within the accepted canon of…

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It seemed abhorrently wrong for Elizabeth to begin the week giving thanks to Mr Darcy for preserving her from certain death in smoke and ash—and then, a mere four days later, to stand breathing in clean air, safe again in the cradle of the world, and thinking ill of him.”

– Fearful Symmetry: A Pride & Prejudice Variation